The Common Wedge Game Error You Can’t See

A big killer of the short game that I encounter and fix, is overuse of the wrists in the backswing and at impact.  Many of you hinge your wrists too much in your short game swing.  This makes your downswing too steep (choppy). Or, it makes you use too much hands at impact, which looks like a scooping action.

Yes, your wrists do hinge in the backswing and they should hinge, but many people simply have too much hinge, which leads to a variety of compensations, and that means inconsistency. You can hit the ground before the ball, hit the ball thin, and will struggle with distance control. Yuck!

If you think you have too much wrist hinge in the backswing, good pitching and wedge swings to watch are Steve Stricker and Jason Dufner. Both use slightly less wrist hinge than average but have razor sharp greenside pitching and wedge games.

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