The 6 Keys Limiting Golfers Over 50 from Having More Fun

What are the main factors influencing whether or not a golfer is having fun?  I am sure it amounts to many things. However, we know from our clients, that losing distance is one of the major drags for golfers over 50.

As the golfer passes the age of 50-60, the changes that the body has been going through for decades, tend to reach a tipping point.

Typically, golfers begin to lose strength and flexibility in their 30’s.  However, these slow changes do not seem to affect the golfers game until this tipping point is reached.

When all of a sudden, the culmination of years of neglecting the body results in drives so short that the only option left is hit long hybrids and woods into the greens with the distant hope of hitting a green in regulation.

Of course the common denominator in all these stories is “age.”  As we age we tend to lose flexibility and strength to name a few.

But does that mean we have to settle for the ladies tees to have an enjoyable round of golf?

I don’t think so.  In fact, more and more Age Defying Golfers are finding that they can have more fun, hitting longer drives, with consistent results playing golf in their 50’s and 60’s.

Here are the 6 factors you need to key in on to continue having fun…heck!, have more fun on the golf course this year than you did 10 years ago:

The Senior Golf Essentials

  1. Spine angle consistency
  2. Where is your weight at?
  3. Spine angle position
  4. What your right foot should be doing
  5. The ‘New’ X Factor
  6. Flat left wrist
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