How to Hit a Golf Ball Out of the Rough, Downhill Bunker, Trees, or Water

Fairways and greens are a nice strategy, but most of us play from more troublesome lies. Here’s how to save your round when you’re not in the short grass.

Golf is a game of trouble, and few courses have more of it than Hudson National Golf Club in Croton-on-Hudson. That’s why, with a course rating of 74.8 and slope of 145, it’s one of the hardest tracks in Westchester. But Director of Golf Theron Harvey can help. He took us to four of the places you don’t want your ball to go on that course (or any other), and showed us how to get out of trouble.


Thick, gnarly rough

If you miss the fairway and land in the first cut of rough, you might — might — be able to reach the green in regulation. Go a little further astray, though, and you’ll be in some of the ugliest, gnarliest, club-grabbingest stuff on the planet.

The first thing to remember about getting out, Harvey says, is that your goal is just that — getting out of the rough without making matters worse. Take your medicine and concentrate on putting the ball where you have a chance to save the hole with your next shot.

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