9 secret ski resorts of Japan you haven’t heard of, yet

2. Tenjindaira

Gunma prefecture, Honshu

Tanigawadake Tenjindaira is another one for those who are confident in the backcountry and carrying the right gear. Known by those in the know as ‘Tenjin’ this is one kick ass resort in the Gunma Prefecture (bordered by Nagano and Niigata prefectures) for those who take the ropeway to the top and explore the chutes and steeps on offer.

Truth is, the rewards are high for those with avi equipment (that know how to use it) and an understanding of the risks that come with the amount of snow fall (a lot) and the steep pitch of the terrain found at this resort. You’re best taking a local guide that knows what they’re doing so try staying at the Australian owned Tenjin Lodge and have the host, Kieren, guide you.

Or try one of the local ryokans (a traditional Japanese inn, complete with tatami mats on the floor and futons to sleep on) in the surrounding region and make sure you finish the day with an onsen.

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