6 Ways To Knock 10 Strokes Off Your Golf Game

When you watch someone playing golf on the TV they make it look so easy. How can they hit a ball so far and decide where it’s going to land? That must take an extraordinary amount of skill to achieve and I guess it’s why they are professionals.

Even though you might not have dreams of following in their footsteps I bet you would love to knock 10 strokes off your scorecard. Even if you don’t compete for anything more than fun it’s still very satisfying when you become great at the game you love.

The professional players weren’t born with some supernatural ability to drive the ball down the fairway. They don’t have robotic arms that let them sink every putt. They would have done the exact same thing that you have to do.

They would have studied how to become great then they would have put it into practice. If you finally think now is the time you’re going to start improving we can look at a few ways you can do it. You’ll knock those 10 strokes off your scorecard in no time.

Practice on your own

You can’t expect to improve if you’re always going around the course with your friends because it’s completely different to playing on your own. It’s likely you will think of it as a competition and you won’t want to lose. You will be under pressure because you might have to buy the beers when you’re finished and it shouldn’t be like that.

When you play on your own it allows you to try things you might not try when there is something at stake. This in itself will let you develop into a better player.

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