19 Creative Ways to Save Money and Slash Your Expenses

Little savings add up

If an expense is an absolute necessity, figure out a way to get it for free or at a discount.

Neighbourhood Facebook groups and online forums are great places to inquire about borrowing or bartering items, including food.

You could also join up with neighbours and friends to make bulk purchases.

Freecycle is an excellent resource for getting free items that people no longer need.

If you can’t borrow or buy used, I’m not saying you have to become an extreme couponer, but saving a buck or two on every purchase will add up and give your tight budget some breathing room.

Websites like CouponSherpa.com are worth checking out before you make a purchase to find coupons and see where savings can be made before you enter the store.

One of my favourite ways to make extra savings is to get cash back on my purchases with Ebates.

Have the right tools for the job

Invest in a crock pot/slow cooker. You can often find them second-hand at thrift stores or get a basic one on Amazon if your budget allows it.

Other money-saving tools include quality reusable containers for taking lunches to work and storing frozen meals. If you’re freezer cooking, quality Ziploc bags to keep all the parts of the meal separated.

A friend of mine swears by her air fryer. She invested in the best air fryer her budget would allow, and it has solved her kid’s picky food issues.

She no longer needs to buy takeaway foods so for a small upfront cost she will save thousands over her lifetime.

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