19 Creative Ways to Save Money and Slash Your Expenses

What does a recurring meal plan look like?

For me, it’s overnight oats for breakfast every single day.

Lunch is scrambled or fried eggs and sautéed veggies, plus a piece of grainy toast smothered in real butter if I’m especially hungry.

Dinner (depending on the season) could be chilli with brown rice, rice and beans, spaghetti, veggie curry with brown rice, stir-fry chicken and veggies, slow-cooker stew, steak and salad.

As you can see above, I can purchase bulk brown rice, beans and cheap cuts of meat for stir fries and stews.

I grow lettuce for salads in my garden and will happily buy cheaper overripe bags of vegetables from my local grocer to throw into the stew, curry or stir fry.

The idea is that no item in your shopping basket should be for just one meal, everything you buy when you use a recurring meal plan should be for at least 2 meals, preferably more.

Cut out 50% of your meat consumption

Meat is easily the single highest item in my shopping basket.

The high cost and environmental factors (have you seen Cowspiracy?) mean I try to eat as little meat as possible.

I’ve been able to hugely reduce the amount of ground beef I need to use in my meals by halving the usual amount of meat and replacing with red lentils.

Red lentils are like nature’s wonder food. They absorb everything, and my kids can’t tell they are there so I don’t have to hide them.

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